About us

Laser of Beauty – Beauty Project of two sisters.

Our laser beauty treatments is already running for more than a few years and often we are asked questions such as how we’ve started this work, why we do it and who we are. So we decided it was time to begin a blog on our Laser of Beauty website and share our story with you.

How did LASER OF BEAUTY start?

Laser of Beauty treatments is our two sisters, Sandra’s and Eda’s, beauty project, which started from an unsuccessful beauty treatment.

We really hated bikini and other unwanted hair. So we tried all the ways to eliminate them. Once, me and Eda, booked hair removal procedures at the beauty salon, in the Camden area. We went there monthly and after six months we realized that there was no effect. Only time and money wasted.

That’s then we started to explore how laser treatments are performed, which lasers are working and which ones are not, and why. And when we found out all the subtleties of the laser – which lasers to use to achieve the best result – we decided to help not only ourselves but also the others.

However, it took as a few years to finish our studies, select and buy high-quality lasers until we were able to open the doors to the first customers.


We often hear this question from our customers and the answer – it is easy. We know each other very well,we trust and supplement each over. We never get any disagreements. Even if the opinions differ, we always find compromise quickly. Only unfortunate thing is – we rarely take holidays together – one of us has to stay and cover in the salon.


We came to London 14 years ago. Sandra moved to London first and after few years Eda came. Of course, the beginning was difficult, and work – not nice at all, but over the time we have found our place in London. We learned English and have established our own business. Now Laser of Beauty is like home for us and it is a very much loved occupation.

If you are interested in laser treatment, please contact us.

Laser treatment in BARKING district. Together we make miracles.

We are continuing to share our work secrets and stories in our Laser of Beauty blog. Today we will talk about what inspires us the most in this work.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Results. When you see how you have helped the client. Sometimes people do not even expect that their existing skin problems may disappear. The treatment of capillaries results are immediately visible even after the first procedure. For some, it seems like a miracle. For example, a man for 15 years had a capillary on his face, and we removed it instantly. You would have seen the surprise on his face!


A year ago a young woman visited us. Her face was burnt during facial cleansing procedure. Her facial skin looked very aesthetic, indeed. After a few procedures at Laser of Beauty the result surprised not only the girl but us also.

As well in another case: a girl, well known to us, had a huge brown mark on her cheek. At first she didn’t want a laser treatment, but eventually agreed to try. We warned her that, perhaps, she will need to have four procedures. However, surprisingly, after only one single procedure and seven days later, there were no mark to be seen. The girl told us that her friends were fascinated as they were accustomed to see her with the pigment, and suddenly it was no longer there. Miracle! Results like these inspire us to do this work.


Lasers and cars. HOW SIMILAR ARE THEY?

Many customers admit that they really don’t know what laser is and how to choose a laser treatment. We always compare laser with a car.

What is a car? This is the machine on four wheels, sometimes on three, to achieve the goal.

And what about the laser? It’s a machine, which transforms light power into heat energy, which then helps eliminate skin blemishes or hair.

Just like buying a car: we can choose a comfortable, fast and luxurious one or can run an old. Same is with the laser: if the therapy salon offers a treatment with a cheap laser, it will take a lot of time and is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

That’s why we select every machine very carefully and only after having studied all the specifics of it to make sure the quality treatment.


We chose Ellipse because we had the amazing results. ELLIPSE it is the only company that will offer to the business prosper.They said if our customers do not have results they take back his equipment and refund the purchase. We are very satisfied with our choice as well as cooperation with this company, which provides opportunities for improvement. Ellipse price meets quality!

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